Branding: Yunzhu

The Brief: To create a new-to-world sustainable beauty brand that promotes health and wellness and appeals to ethical consumers. 


Working in collaboration with two other designers we created an Asian inspired, sustainable skincare brand that uses bamboo as the base ingredient in all products. The product range consists of four full sized products, a smaller three step face kit and individual face wipes.

Scope: Logo, Branding, Packaging, Digital, Copywriting. 

The Results:  Simplicity in skincare, with a minimal, fun and fresh identity. 

The Yunzhu logo itself was created with the idea of the appearance of bamboo sticks. The breaks in the characters have a subtle reading rhythm with a break in a character followed by one without a break. The patterns on each of the products create a point of recognisable difference and reflect the texture and intended use for each of the products.

Yunzhu was a great project to work on and not only allowed us to explore a wealth of ideas before settling on the final aesthetic but we also got to delve deep into understanding the world of sustainable skincare. 

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